My passion for photography started when my father came home with a store-bought DIY Home B&W Film Developer Kit when I was ten years old.   His camera was an old Kodak box camera that utilized 120 film, which he would develop and make contact prints.  I still have the black plastic developer tank and the small 7.5 watt red safety light.   After learning how to use the equipment, I was off and running.

Today, my gear is a a little more sophisticated, a full-frame sensor mirrorless Sony A7M4.  However, from time to time,  I still shoot film on an old Nikon-FM with Series-E lenses.  My favorite film is Kodak Tri-X, ISO 400.   Even now in the day of Photoshop CC, developing film and making prints is quite satisfying.


Keith Hamilton is a free-lance photographer, focusing on Portraiture, Street Photography, Landscape, Astrophotography, Weddings, Engagements; Human Being, exceeding the partially-lived life; Part-time Holistic Gumshoe, differentially mindful.

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